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We produce and sell thermal packaging wholesale and by retail. We e-mail price lists and terms of cooperation with dealers and wholesalers. We offer to buy thermal carrier bags, thermal bags at a favorable price directly from the manufacturer. Deliveries to the regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

Unique technology

Our production technology is patented and unique in the whole territory of Russia
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Company History

The story began in 2007, when two ambitious entrepreneurs founded a company that produced a new product - a thermal carrier bags under the brand name TerPak for transporting frozen and chilled precooked dishes, ready-made hot dishes
The product selection was based on preferences of Russian consumer, use conditions and price attractiveness. Such policy determined the company's success, and in 2015 TerPak entered markets of the CIS and neighboring countries.
In 2016, the company acquired a land lot and constructed new production facilities of 3,500 square meters.
In 2017, the company TerPak launched a new line of production - garment production of thermal bags. Successful experience in garments made it possible to fulfill orders of any complexity.
In 2018, the company was nominated as " the Best exporter of the year" in the regional awards on international cooperation and export.
In 2019, the company was growing, building a new office and purchasing a new production line for thermal carrier bags.
Currently, the company has qualified employees and a modern technological base for conducting projects in thermal packaging industry. TerPak products are currently well-known and selected by those customers who primarily trust a Russian manufacturer, which guarantees high quality and environmental safety of the used materials. Thermal packaging is sold through federal and regional distribution networks in Russia, on marketplaces.

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  • Over 3,000 satisfied customers
  • Extensive staff of qualified professionals
  • Constant work on expanding the range
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