Industry cases

Case N 1: transportation of products from a warehouse to a supermarket


do you need cheap thermal packaging to transport products from the warehouse?


thermal carrier bags, thermal bags, organizers

Case N 2: assembly foam storage


How to protect assembly foam from cold while installing plastic windows in the cold period?


We design and produce thermal bags with heating elements for various sectors of business.
In particular, we can work out a thermal bag with heating elements for assembly foam.
The heating element is to be placed into thermal bag and warms up cans with assembly foam.
The insulation layer is washable and waterproof.
It can be operated from various power sources: a car cigarette lighter socket (12 V), as well as a PowerBank external battery (5 V).

Case N 3: retail sale of thermal bags for storing small appliances and electronics.


Does one need a special bag to store and transport a laptop.


A laptop bag is made to order.
The classic design of the bag makes it right for almost all laptops.
The bag can also be used for storing and carrying food and beverages.

Case N 4: thermal carrier bags for hypermarkets, supermarkets, and discount centers


Does one need a thermal carrier bag for beer, alcoholic or soft beverages?


Three-layer thermal carrier bag is the best solution for transporting frozen, chilled or hot food due to the unique three-layer insulation.

Large European distribution centers report a significant increase in sales of frozen food in those stores that have started to offer thermal bags for customers.

A thermal bag with a large embedded bottom fits for big shopping in comparison with a traditional plastic bag.

The load capacity of a thermal bag with a reinforced plastic handle reaches 15 kilograms, while the handle does not spring and stretch, and it is more client-friendly than a traditional plastic bag.

A thermal bag with the corporate design is an effective advertising tool, since thermal bags are re-usable.

The following aspects are important for a client:

Low cost of a thermal bag: a slight difference in price compared to plastic bags motivates the customer to purchase it keeping in mind better application properties

Unique thermal insulation properties: three-layer thermal carrier bag keeps the product temperature for several hours

The possibility of multiple and multi-purpose use: it can be used for outdoor trips (picnics and hiking), frozen foodstuffs transportation, long-term storage of chilled and hot drinks, etc.